The solution is in the sun

Growing dependence on fuel to generate electricity

Opportunity to lower costs by opting for solar panels

March 11th, 2014

Pursue the sun to find a solution to the future increase in the cost of electricity there, if your bill is considerable.

Due to the strong summer, increases the percentage of the energy is generated by burning bunker.

And, the rise in the exchange rate, you may soon come to anticipate a sharp adjustment in the price you pay for electricity.

To anticipate, you can already evaluate the investment in a solar panel to be the source of their energy consumption.

Costa Rica has a privileged geographical location for the exploitation of solar energy, as confirmed by measurements made by NASA. In the summer months solar could be an excellent substitute.

The potential is greater in Guanacaste and much of the Central Pacific areas have six months sunny.

"With the installation of 600 MW of solar panels would be enough to replace all thermal generation that the country produces today," said Toni Weigl, German expert of the German Agency for renewable energy development.

This would mean an annual savings of $ 240 million spent on the purchase of fuel for thermal generation.

Thus, the generation system national energy work with providing geothermal, solar, wind and hydro run of river in summer plants, and Arenal resort would be booked, accumulating water to generate at night, which could help the electric bill come down.

Thermal plants Garabito and Moin would like to support the system as well as energy imports from Central interconnection system.

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Electricity rates will increase in April

March 09th, 2014

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) reported that as of April first electricity rates will rise by 10%.

According ARESEP, adjustment reflects the Costa Rican Electricity Institute had to buy more or bunker fuel to produce electricity, due to lack of water.

For a family of four, where the average consumption is twenty-five thousand colones, the receipt could rise to about twenty-seven thousand five hundred colones.

The increase in electricity rates will be for customers JASEC, ICE, the Public Service Company of Heredia and the National Power and Light Company

Source: 'Teletica'


Electricity rates will increase 5% average in January

December 09, 2013.

Start the year with an increase of 5% on average in electricity rates for customers of all companies providing the service.

The setting for the first quarter of next year is the proposed Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep) by variation in the cost of fuels used in thermal power generation

Rates go up depending on the operator, for each percentage increase is different as shown in the picture.

The regulators are examining at this time another request of the Costa Rican Association of Large Energy Consumers would mean a reduction for large consumers 30% adjustment, but an increase for residential customers up to 11%. For those with objections to this fit ARESEP scheduled a public hearing next Friday.

This application should be approved or rejected this December, when it is determined whether the adjustment will be greater for residential customers.



ARESEP: 'For electricity reduce it needs to change laws'

Industries are demanding that high cost in electricity bills less competitive in the country

Regulator Entity analyze proposal from Acograce to transfer the costs of the industrial bills to households

November 03,2013.

For Costa Rica have lower electric rates, the mayor of Energy Regulatory Authority of Public Services (Aresep), Juan Manuel Quesada, said it is necessary to make changes in national legislation.

In its proposal notes that within the modifications should be allowed to cut ARESEP excesses in investment costs of the utilities.

"In addition to regular business costs is necessary to promote greater use of the geothermal potential of the country and eliminate stop shop that can perform ICE to private generators," said Quesada.

According to the mayor, these changes would include in rates only efficient financial costs and reduce the use of thermal energy, which is more expensive.

The chief executive of Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), Teofilo de la Torre, acknowledged that the weight of the electricity bill has reduced the competitiveness of Costa Rica and natural gas exploration could be a future option for improving rates.

"At least there should be a natural gas action to help diminish the price escalation. It is not something that will be achieved in the short term because they are processes that last for years, but I think that is pulling in the right direction, "said de la Torre.

About this action, the mayor of ARESEP agrees that is a necessary discussion from the Legislature.

Carlos Montenegro, deputy director of the Chamber of Industries of Costa Rica (ICRC), said that in 2013 the rates have increased 30% and propose an adjustment of tariffs for all sectors.

Meanwhile, the Costa Rican Association of Large Energy Consumers (Acograce) proposes that a portion of the costs of tariffs move to homes, offices and other business customers electricity.

"As for the viability of the proposed industry I can not comment, because it is pending a petition fare in this regard and whose hearing is scheduled for November 13," said Quesada.

The growth of electricity demand dropped this year to 1%. Last year, the growth was 4%. That equates to a total of ¢ 18,000 million colones less than what was expected raise.

The president of ICE maintains that the factors that led to the fall were energy savings in homes and offices as well as the fact that industries have sold less.

To avoid unnecessary future increases in electricity bills, makes inspections ARESEP investments sought by power companies.

"In the last year we have incorporated in the tariff analysis inspections of investment projects that allow competitive remuneration," said Quesada.

ICE expects new hydroelectric plants, the renegotiation of debt and savings plans of the institution down the weight of the electric bill.

Source: "La Nación"


CEO of ICE: 'Improving electricity rates should be general for all'

Decrease in prices would result in increased business for residential users

October 9,2013

Executive President of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), Teofilo de la Torre, said that electricity rates should suffer alike improvements that impact all sectors of the population.

The head of ICE statements given after last week the Costa Rican Association of Large Energy Consumers (Acograce) request ARESEP a reduction in the cost of electricity to the business sector.

Acograce calls decreased from 10.7% and 38.6% that would benefit some 1,000 companies in the country and, in the end, would result in an increase for residential, general and preferential.

"We believe that improving the rates should be general for all people. We must make every effort to control costs that are controllable by ICE," Tower said during an interview with 90.7 FM DNA.

De la Torre said that rates should be stabilized at horizontal and in the coming years will fall as operations begin renewable plants.

"There are specific presidential directives in that direction.'re Renegotiating a number of debts with better payment profiles and special observation given that the fee structures are not well dimensioned between consumers of medium and low voltage," said Teofilo de la Torre.

Executive President, Teofilo de la Torre, confirmed that have been named two new position in the Department of Finance and ICE Electricity

The chief said that even if there are sectors who claim that Costa Rica has the highest electricity prices in the region, "I can show other statistics that say otherwise."

According to de la Torre electricity prices in the country are more favorable than the rates in Central America and countries such as Chile, El Salvador and the Dominican Republic have higher prices for the same service.

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