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Welcome a brand new era in renewable energy in Central America!

This new era is the result of recent changes in energy policy in a number of countries, but especially in Costa Rica, where a new government has set its targets high and committed itself to achieving the combined benefits of…

  • economic security,
  • energy security,
  • carbon neutrality and protection of biodiversity, and
  • increased job creation and economic recovery

Not surprisingly, all of these objectives are served by promoting renewable energy generation and thus REDUCING OUR DEPENDENCE UPON IMPORTED OIL to generate electricity!

To date Panama, Honduras and Guatemala, and most recently and dramatically Costa Rica, have all made strides to promote investment in small-scale distributed generation using renewable resources. (Distributed generation means producing electricity at the same location as the consumer utilizes the energy, thereby not relying upon distant and often oil fired generation plants).

By combining tax exoneration of all import duties and even sales tax, and introducing favorable grid-connection and net-metering programs, Costa Rica is inviting residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural consumers to explore investment in generating their own clean electricity utilizing our region’s abundant solar, wind, hydro, biomass, biogas, etc resources.

These are still early days in terms of removing legal and institutional barriers which have effectively prevented private power generation on a small-scale. But recently we’re seeing dramatic improvements in the region with the introduction of new laws and more enlightened policies. Now it is up to consumers to become aware of these new opportunities and begin to explore and exercise their new privileges… and for government officials, policy makers, utilities and consumers to all work together to keep building momentum toward a "greener" tomorrow for our children.

Thank you for your attention….and especially your interest in clean, renewable energy generation.

Jim Ryan

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