ICE insists on doing road work despite the 'no' of Attorney

By Natasha Cambronero

Chubby by the Government, ICE insists venture into the construction of roads, although a judgment of the Attorney General's Office warned that this function is beyond their powers, which are limited to electricity and telecommunications.

Carlos Obregon, president of the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), the state attorney countered by saying that the ICE and its companies can enter into strategic alliances and sell services to third parties under the umbrella of the current law.

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CNFL Project generates the most expensive wind energy of Costa Rica

By Juan Fernando Lara

The Comptroller General's Office estimated that the National Power and Light Company (CNFL) the most expensive wind energy in the country for investment in a project which leaves a $ 2.2 million loss.

The analysis found "serious shortcomings" in the Central Valley Park in Santa Ana, for failure in process design, development and evaluation, suggesting "lack of clarity of the need and origin" of this.

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The European Union defies China with tariffs on solar panels

Proposal was resistance from several countries, led by Germany

June 04,2013.

European Union (EU) imposed Tuesday "unanimously" tariffs on Chinese solar panels, despite resistance from several European countries, led by Germany, and threats of retaliation from Beijing.

"We have decided unanimously to impose a temporary tariff" on imports of solar panels, said EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht, at a press conference.

The EU executive accuses China of flooding the European market with cheap solar panels, "which hurts European companies".

"It is clear that the dumping of these damaged solar panels solar panel industry in the European Union and threatens 25,000 jobs," he said.

In the first phase, until August 2013, tariffs will be 11.8%. From there - if Beijing fails to take action - be of 47.6%.

"The European Commission reiterated its readiness to continue negotiations with the Chinese exporters and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to find a solution," the EU executive said in a statement.

"The ball is on the side of the Chinese," De Gucht estimated.

"It is clear that if China does not provide from here to August 6 solution, apply much higher rates," he added.

Several countries, led by Germany, the first European partner of China, is opposed to tax the Asian country and called for a negotiated solution.

China has already said that the tariff sanctions are not only a threat to jobs in China but affect the interests of European businesses, consumers and the industry.

In a context of degradation of trade relations between China and Western countries, Beijing confirmed last Friday that initiated an antidumping investigation on a chemical imported from the EU and the United States.

Research is on the import of tetrachlorethylene, a product used as a solvent in cleaning textiles, said the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

China reported a few days ago the European Commission this procedure by dumping directed against industrial groups in the chemical industry, and Solvay.

The Chinese initiative aims to chlorine derivatives, including tetrachlorethylene, French newspaper Les Echos.

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La Nacion

Government promotes Hydropower Project

Nicaragua hurry dam would affect the San Juan

* Plan includes a wall that would make the channel in 'a trickle', say experts

* Members ticos details inquire on a tour of the border this month

Alvaro Murillo This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 12/10/2010

The Government of Nicaragua was established within four years to have built a hydroelectric dam large quantities in the San Juan River, which could cause environmental damage in Costa Rica.

The project, called "Brown" would become in 2015 the largest source of electricity generation in the neighboring country, with capacity of about 250 megawatts and cost approximately $ 600 million, according to press reports and official sites of the Nicaraguan Government .

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ICE attacks decree requiring it to report their figures to the Government and the Comptroller

By Aarón Sequeira

In his suit against the state and the Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR), the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) attacks Executive Decree 36,984, Minae, forcing him to report his financial records to the Governing Council and the comptroller , once a year.

In the complaint, still under study eligibility by the Administrative Court, ICE questioned three offices and a resolution of the CGR, besides the decree stated.

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