Comptroller Marta Acosta: "ICE has owners: all Costa Ricans'

By Natasha Cambronero

How to get the lawsuit filed ICE?

It is not a simple issue. The Comptroller goes with everything to defend principles of high public interest: transparency and accountability to which we subject all institutions. We will assist with the usual rigor.

Do we want to undermine this demand management?

The disagreement is claiming its autonomy and independence regime interfered orders to turn you into a report of inspection, in particular the report of its subsidiary RACSA, this year. That'll discuss in court. Of course we disagree.

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Costa Rica creates carbon local market

Proposal allows acquire bonds to offset CO2 emissions

Initiative is part of the carbon neutral country strategy

September 11,2013.

From now on, companies and individuals can offset their carbon emissions by purchasing bonds that financed forestry projects, thanks to the formalization of the new Carbon Domestic Market.

President Laura Chinchilla and Environment Minister René Castro, yesterday signed Executive Order (DAJ-62-2012-MINAE) that creates the Board of carbon, a figure that will operate the new market.

This new carbon local market adds to the National Strategy Carbon Neutrality, which claims that the country has a low-carbon emissions in 2021.

For that year, and as projected by the Ministry of Environment (Minae), Costa Rica will emit 19 million tonnes of carbon. 75% of these will be absorbed by the forestry and agroforestry.

In this sense, carbon credit transactions, as part of the new market-to pump money into conservation projects and reforestation, aimed at the capture and storage of greenhouse gases (GHG), which contribute to climate change .

To date, the only entity authorized to receive money generated from the Rican compensation units (UCC)-carbon bonds issued under this market-is the National Forestry Financing Fund (Fonafifo). However, this will change when adding more projects as suppliers.

How can you acquire UCC? Under the National Standard of Carbon Neutrality (INTE -12-01-06-2011), the company measures its carbon footprint to quantify and define actions to reduce it to the fullest.

Any emissions that the company can not cut because it would affect their operation and productivity may be offset by purchasing UCC. Each UCC has a cost of $ 3 and equal to one ton of carbon dioxide.

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La Prensa

INE review contracts signed by Blue Power and Natural Gas

By: Roberto Morales A.

The Nicaraguan Energy Institute (INE) determined to restart the analysis of contracts for energy purchase and sale, signed by companies and Blue Natural Gas Power & Energy,

In Resolution No. 0662-09-2010, issued by the Directorate General of Electricity, INE leads to petition for review filed by Gas Natural, after the regulator rejected a part of these contracts, citing lack of technical-economic analysis .

The INE specified in resolution to be performed adequate oversight of the distribution and billing of energy, which will serve both companies and that the energy served by Gas Natural should be seen as a public service which must be properly secured and controlled by the State.

David Castillo, President of the Board of INE, confirmed yesterday that both Gas Natural and Blue Power completed the missing information, relating to the project's economic reports and technical aspects.

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Conference - September 26, 2009


Achieving Peace with Nature by 2021: Obstacles and Opportunities for the Energy Sector of Costa Rica


Jim Ryan of ASI Power was a speaker at this conference which was

ponsored by AMCHAM (American Chamber of Commerce) and the co2neutral2021 organization. See his PowerPoint presentation below.

Synopsis: The conference was intended to deliver roadmap for achieving carbon neutrality of Costa Rica to 2021.

  • CO2Neutral2021 is an international team that has integrated knowledge and experience of Costa Ricans in a path of actions critical to reduce CO2 to neutral
  • Actions that were drawn on this route reductions of 10 M tons of CO2 in 2021
  • Costa Rica should further develop an aggressive strategy to achieve 37% of emissions would be left to reduce.

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La Prensa
Oct 2, 2009

Energy production is very expensive in Nicaragua
Roberto Morales A.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Until August 2009, the bill exceeds $ 200 million




The dependence of the national generating system petroleum fuels makes energy production today is one of the most expensive.

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